Salt has been used to flavor food around the world for thousands of years. Salt has also served the purpose of preserving and seasoning food in a better way. However, not all salts are the same.

Table salt is widely used all around the world and doesn’t have any natural ingredients. Consequently, consuming high amounts of table salt or white salt can become detrimental to health.

Traditional table salt is chemically breached. It is a substance that is completely devoid of nutrition and raises many health risks.

However, Pink Himalayan salt is a natural salt. It is not just pretty in appearance but also has numerous health benefits. 

It comes from the rock crystal mined from areas close to the mountain range of the Himalayas. Due to the greater amount of trace elements in Himalayan Pink salt, it is widely acknowledged to be healthier than table salt.

Research has said that there are many health benefits of Himalayan Pink salt such as improving sleep, increasing energy, and regulating blood sugar levels.

Here are 7 of the most amazing benefits of Himalayan Pink salt that will compel you to get rid of the traditional table salt.

  1. Relieves muscle soreness

Himalayan Pink salt is widely known for its relaxing effects that directly target your muscles.

Himalayan pink salt is very rich in magnesium, iodine, and more than 50 other essential minerals that help heal muscles when absorbed through the skin.

We might feel fatigued and have muscle pain after training hard in the gym. In this situation, a warm salt bath with a pinch of Himalayan Pink salt will relax your muscles, relieve muscle soreness, and speed up the muscle repair process. It is also great for those who have intense muscle cramps.

  1. Improves sleep routine

Have you ever noticed Himalayan Pink Salt lamps in the bedrooms of luxury hotels? People use Himalayan salt lamps as they release a high number of negative ions in the air which purifies the atmosphere and improves the air quality. This helps improve the mood and creates a relaxing atmosphere ideal for sleeping.

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. However, a small amount of Himalayan Pink Salt in the room can purify the air and help you sleep faster, saving you from all these health issues.

  1. Improves respiratory conditions

Himalayan Pink salt can alleviate some of the most common respiratory problems, such as asthma.

A small lamp of Himalayan Pink salt in the room can improve the air quality. It can also protect you from seasonal allergies, pollen dust allergies, and chronic respiratory problems.

Salt therapy has been used by health professionals for thousands of years. The unrefined salt is used to alleviate respiratory conditions in a healthy, cheap, and natural way without any side effects.

Consuming Himalayan Pink salt can also alleviate chest congestion and coughs. In the medical field, Pink salt is commonly used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that damages your lungs.

  1. Improves digestion

If you suffer from slow digestion or if your body has a hard time processing the nutrients, then you can rely upon Himalayan Pink salt.

Replace the traditional salt with Himalayan Pink salt in the food, and you will quickly notice the improvement in your digestive system.

Frequent use of Himalayan pink salt in your meals can speed up the digestion process treating issues like constipation and gassing.

  1. Soothes a sore throat

Gargling saltwater to soothe a sore throat is a common practice that we widely observe. Although it doesn’t give immediate relief, saltwater can kill the bacteria and loosen mucus which helps in relieving pain.

Simply mix a teaspoon of finely ground Himalayan Pink salt into warm water and gargle to see the results.

  1. Detoxifies the skin 

Himalayan Pink salt has strong detoxification properties. When you add this salt to your regular bath, the minerals and compounds in it get absorbed into the skin. It stimulates the osmosis process consequently your skin gets naturally moisturized.

Himalayan Pink salt keeps the skin hydrated and makes it appear young and fresh.

Also, consuming Himalayan pink salt in the food flushes out toxins and keeps the body hydrated for a long time. Regular use of Himalayan Pink salt in the diet can help you maintain right pH levels in your body.

  1. Lowers blood pressure

While too much consumption of traditional salt can cause a blood pressure spike, Himalayan Pink salt has the completely opposite effect.

Himalayan Pink salt is actually good for you because it’s quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. In turn, this results in regulating blood sugar and lowering blood pressure.


Though there hasn’t been much research on the health benefits of Himalayan Pink salt, there is still enough evidence to prove that it is far better than the conventional white salt. The price of Himalayan Pink Salt is higher than the regular salt. However, the price becomes worth it when you realize the health benefits associated with it.

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